Bruce Markusen’s Card Corner

For those of you who don’t know, Bruce Markusen writes a column devoted to baseball cards (usually focusing on a single card) for the Hall of Fame web site.  He has a new entry today, which is on the 1968 Don Mincher card.

Bruce is a member of this committee, but even if he wasn’t I would recommend giving his column a read.  At the very bottom of the page there are some links to earlier entries, but you might need Google to find the rest.

— Mark


Author: Mark Armour

Long-time SABR member, co-chair of the Baseball Cards Committee, founder and past chairman (2002-2016) of the Biography Project, author of several books and dozens of articles on baseball. See

One thought on “Bruce Markusen’s Card Corner”

  1. Very enjoyable article about a player I remember watching back in the 60s. I am not surprised he was a good interview; iI remember listening to an interview he did with Jimmy Dudley when he played for the Pilots and he was articulate and friendly at that time. I listened to the interview on the Internet so probably a web search would uncover it for anyone who wants to hear it. As I recall it was posted on a website devoted to the Seattle Pilots. There were lots of other good things on that websie including some play by play of a Pilots Spring Training game right before the announcement was made about the move to Milwaukee.

    Interesting that Mincher’s final at bat would be in the World Series. I can’t think of too many players off the top of my head whose final plate appearance was in the fall classic. Jackie Robinson comes to mind as does Sandy Koufax and a most obscure player, Jim Barbieri of the 66 Dodgers. I think Clemente too made his last at bat in a World Series, though I would have to look that one up to be sure.

    Thanks for writing the article Bruce.


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