Of Syndergaard and Sasquatch


Recently, “Sports Collectors Daily” offered a preview of the upcoming, July 2018 release of Topps’ Allen and Ginter set. Most of you are aware that Topps began issuing cards in the style of the 19th century Allen and Ginter tobacco cards in 2006. As with most modern card issues, there is a dizzying array of parallels, relics, autographs, original “buy backs” short prints, and subsets. I am enamored with the parallels and non-sports subsets that are issued in “tobacco size” (1-7/16 X 2-5/8).

Altuve mini

It seems strange to mimic the style of tobacco cards while producing them in standard size. The traditional tobacco card format with an advertisement on the back is the logical size, thus my affinity for the parallel sets. Of course, the mini-parallels have numerous versions such as metal, cloth etc. I try to ignore these distinctions and just enjoy the cards.

Allen and Gintar provides a mixture of current and former players, not to mention subsets of other sports figures. For instance, in 2017, Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson, Jose Altuve and Robinson Cano could be pulled from packs.


I realize that “purists” may scoff at the idea of mixing non-sport cards with baseball. I say “pshaw” to this “fuddy-duddery.” The non-sport cards are interesting on a historical level and the quirky subject matter amusing. The 2018 set has the following mini subsets: “World’s Hottest Peppers,” “Indigenous Heroes,” “Postage Required” (maybe a Manama stamp is included), “Flags of Lost Nations” and “Folio of Fears.” The backs have narratives that explain the topics.

Mayor Murray

In 2016, Allen and Ginter produced 35 mini US Mayors. Seattle’s now former Mayor (sex scandal), Ed Murray, shows up along with many other big city leaders. Topps dropped the ball by not including Jeff Katz in this set. Come on, Topps! What is more apropos than including the Mayor of Cooperstown?

DB Cooper    Sasquatch

Other notable non-sport minis of personal interest include legendary Northwest high jacker, D.B. Cooper, in the 2011 “Mysterious Figures” set and the Sasquatch in the 2014 “Larger than Life.” By the way, all Northwest residents have encountered a Sasquatch at least once. I usually see one after having a few drinks. Coincidence?

Ferocious Feline Tabby

Man's Best Friend Husky

The original Allen and Ginter tobacco cards of the 1880s often featured animals. Some card anthropomorphized the subject, while others depicted animals in nature. Topps has kept this tradition alive by creating such subsets as: 2011 “Man’s Best Friend,” 2016 “Ferocious Felines” and “Mascots of the Wild” and 2017 “Horse in the Race.”

If you haven’t purchased Allen and Ginter before, I encourage you to buy a few packs when they come out in July. I’m hoping the “The Folio of Fears” subset has a card depicting the fear of non-sports cards mixing with baseball- “nonludusbasisspheracardboardiaphobia.”


Mueller, Rich. “2018 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball Cards Include Usual Quirkiness.” Sports Collectors Daily, Sports Collectors Daily, 13 Feb. 2018, www.sportscollectorsdaily.com/topps-allen-ginter-returns-for-2018/.

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Author: Tim Jenkins

Sports memorablilia collector with Seattle teams emphasis. HOF autographs, baseball cards and much more. Teacher for over 30 years. Attended games at 35 different MLB parks.

7 thoughts on “Of Syndergaard and Sasquatch”

  1. “Stick to Baseball!!” nah – For me the most interesting part of A&G is the non-Baseball subjects. I would like to see more Baseball-related non-baseball subjects. A subset of minis dedicated to Characters from Baseball Films is due in some product. Tri-Star/Obak did a good job in this area during their releases.

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  2. I’m not a big fan of Ginter either but I have been finding myself liking the non-sports cards in it as well. Last year featured a Krazy George card which I need to get and I’m just waiting for Topps to put Emperor Norton on one too.


  3. Ginter is my favorite set, but mainly for TTM autographs cause the cards are so clean. Love when they got good NonSport people, and horrible when they only include fringe people like the sheep-sheering guy. Neat blog!


  4. I suppose I can understand having some non baseball categories but the world’s hottest peppers? Really?

    Also, I agree with sketchcards, I love using A&G for autographs. Hard to beat.

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