My favorite common

Editor’s note: We normally reject any “Favorite Common” submission featuring a Hall of Famer, kindly of course, but when we saw the condition of the card…well…see for yourself! 🙂 Plus, it’s Pudge’s birthday!

I still have this damn card.

97 or 98 percent of it, at least. Some of it has disintegrated. God knows where that black mark in the lower right edge came from. If you hold it at a certain angle, the creases either look like lightning bolts or rivers on a map.

It’s the first Carlton Fisk card that came into my possession. The first of 2,000 or so (I really need to get an exact count) Carlton Fisk cards in my collection.

Carlton Fisk is my all-time favorite player. This card had something to do with that. Did anyone wear catcher’s gear with such authority? No. Nobody ever looked better with the chest protector and backwards helmet. Carlton Fisk was the best. Still is. Has a cool name. Wore number 72! Who the hell wore 72?

He was a star player on my favorite team. His cards had several lines of stats on the back. His career went back to the 1960s! I was fascinated by cards with many lines of stats. So many that they had to make the print smaller.

The 1983 White Sox are my all-time favorite team. Even if I don’t remember anything about the games of that season. But you see, that doesn’t matter.

I had a plush “Ribbie.” And a hat signed by “Roobarb” (and Rudy Law).

And a pin that says “Winnin’ Ugly.”

And White Sox Pizza Hut placemats (okay, those were from 1984).

And the 1983 White Sox Yearbook.

And a bunch of 1983 Topps* White Sox cards. My mom says I learned to read with these cards – at age three.

Including this 1983 Carlton Fisk All-Star #393.

I have at least 20 additional copies of this card (including the O-Pee Chee version). But I will never get rid of this card. If I were to send it in to PSA to get graded, they’d suspect me of pulling a prank (or laugh at me, or both), but there is no card in my collection with more nostalgic value.

*The greatest card set ever produced

6 thoughts on “My favorite common”

  1. Carlton Fisk always had an air of dignity and commanded respect without needing to ask for it. Still remember at the 1991 All star game when he blocked the plate (in an exhibition game!) to put out a runner then later had a base hit to become the oldest player to get an all star hit. This card definitely shows his regal demeanor.


    1. Remember when he jawed with Deion Sanders for drawing a dollar sign in the dirt? I started following the game when he was an elder statesman and he had that New Hampshire stoicism that I loved. Fisk played the game right.

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      1. haha. yep. i think sanders told fisk to mind his own business which prompted fisk to say something like, go to first base, play the game the right way or i’ll kick your ass right here in yankee stadium. lol

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  2. Great post! I too am a huge lifelong White Sox fan. Carlton Fisk was one of my favorites too. Your card would get a Beckett grade of 0.5. Haha! Anyway, I love your collection of media guides. Very nice!


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