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In November 2016 SABR relaunched the Baseball Cards Committee, whose members contribute to this blog.  Visit this blog (or better yet, follow) for articles, studies, or reminiscences about the 150-year history of making, selling, buying, collecting, sorting and trading pieces of cardboard that celebrate our greatest game.

We are particularly interested in how people have used cards over the decades and how that usage has intersected with their enjoyment of baseball. Cards are something that connects generations of baseball fans and the community here is invested in sharing our individual collecting experiences.

If you are a new reader of this blog please browse our index of post categories. The intent of this committee is to create something permanent—or as permanent as the internet will permit—about the history and sociology of baseball cards.

If you want to write for the blog the only requirement is that you be an active SABR member. Contact us with your information to get started or read a bit more about what posting entails.

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